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Our Story

Moorigin was founded in 2009. Compelled by a love of nature, we choose to escape from the maddening crowd and journey into the mountains in search of an interpretation of beauty that resides closer to the heart.

Through exquisite craftsmanship, combined with simple and steady lines, we've transformed wearable accessories with fresh and natural elements without being extravagant. We invite you to join us in this forest of beautiful decoration.


Moorigin is dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability. Handled with care and flawlessly delivered to the hands of each customer, our products are packaged with environmentally friendly recycled paper as well as Honeycomb buffer material to minimize unnecessary burden on the environment.

Traveling with moorigin

Established in 2009, moorigin has expanded its market territory to various countries all over the world, including England, the Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Dubai, Australia, Canada, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore,... and more, where one may enjoy a delightful meeting with moorigin in numerous major cities.